Although MnM Bookkeeping Services Inc. was established in 2005; the President started the business in 1999 as a small business entrepreneur operating as a sole owner out of her personal residence with 3 clients.  Business was personally financed until net income grew and is currently using an RBC Operating Line of Credit for its financing.  The business grew marginally for the first 5 years and in 2004 commenced more rapid growth.  Today, the business clientele consists of over 120 small and medium businesses and over 500 personal tax return clients.

Our team has grown to 3 full time and 2 seasonal employees. In addition to the business President, we have a junior accounting clerk who manages the day to day operations including secretarial responsibilities.  We also have one full time data entry clerk and 2 seasonal clerks.  We proudly maintain a DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) of less than 30 days and Bad Debt expense at less than .4% of our annual revenue.  

The founder of MnM Bookkeeping Services Inc. Maureen Orahim is a role model for women with high personal standards and driven to succeed.  She leads by example and is an inspiration to many other women, including her well trained and independent staff.   She has encouraged several entrepreneurs to start their own business advising them on how to sustain momentum and not give up until their hard work produces ripened fruit.  (add any example business names here) 

Maureen is resilient at execution; she has great ability to translate vision into action and this was very evident with her business and how it has transformed since she originally started it.  Maureen had a vision to be a successful business owner and she was determined to convert this vision into reality.  She invested a great deal of her personal time in the business and continues to do same to maintain the momentum she has established.  

In 1999 when she laid down the groundwork for her business, she worked very hard and was confined to using her bedroom as her office.  For 4 – 5 years, Maureen carried her business out of her home with very little annual income until approximately 2003 when the business started to peak and rapid growth was evident by 2004.  The highlight was moving into an office which Maureen funded originally out of her personal pocket.  Although there were many obstacles that were overcome, including having to change her business name as she moved into an area where a very similar business name was in operation, her perseverance paid off; her annual income has grown by 8-13% in the last three years and her customer base grew by 50% since 2003.  Maureen’s business has also gained popularity on the personal income tax return filing, increasing that customer base by an overwhelming 1000%. 

Given the high level of motivation, she has ability to mobilize her team and her clientele by involving them in planning and establishing tactics to offset any objective that may be at risk due to pressures beyond control.  One of her customers was recently suffering from the economy severely.  During a meeting with the business owner, she laid out a change management plan that involved networking with other business owners in her clientele base.  She encouraged a partnership with one another for manufacturing and other services to help them all maintain their respective level of revenues during these economic hardships.  For this particular company, this meant many smaller jobs versus the fewer larger jobs previously accustomed to, but Maureen also helped the business with managing the expenses to keep them at a minimum and offset any additional salary expenses that may be incurred.    The business Maureen built a business plan for is grateful for her insight and coaching to help keep the business open and successful.  The business has since referred 5 other smaller businesses to MnM Bookkeeping Services Inc. for business planning and bookkeeping, quoting, “Go to Maureen, she is the best”!

Business Momentum is the product of motivation multiplied by productivity, and Maureen is exemplary at achieving this on a daily basis.  She loves her work, and appreciates her customers which keeps her highly motivated and determined to be effectively productive.  Her day is never over until the work in the calendar is all completed.

Maureen’s business located in Mississauga Ontario is now a well established firm and her new business plan involves another office in a newly scoped area in the province.  Although in the initial phase of assessment, there is great opportunity for her business to flourish and she intends to seize on it very quickly.