Our objective is to help the business owners grow and prosper in their respective industry.  This goal is met through practical, customer focused, strategic solutions developed in partnership with our clients.  We provide distinct, detailed, structured and exceptionally responsive services.

  1. We transform the impossible to potential
  2. We make the complex logical
  3. We consult to enable well informed business decisions
  4. We encourage networking to increase revenue.

Meeting with the business owners on a quarterly basis to review performance and strategize short and long term plans is part of the excellent service we also provide. 

MnM Bookkeeping Services Inc. is an Ontario based firm that provides bookkeeping services and business planning consultation to small and medium sized companies.  We are specialists in helping our clients strategically manage their respective businesses by ensuring controlled processes are established to help them reach greater profitability and minimize expenditures during all economic environments.  In addition, we are experts at improving their bookkeeping systems and processes making certain they operate with the most proficient latest technology for their decision-making.

The expected growth rate for our business shows a dynamic trend between 10%-20% per annum.  The largest demand comes from construction, manufacturing, retail and professional service industries.  Although the economy is still in rough shape and these businesses have had to alter their acquisition strategies, we are still forecasting growth in our clientele base.  The surrounding region is in development and has great potential for growth in these particular industries.  Further, we will soon be offering services in a newly scoped region with great opportunities for the nature of our business.   

MnM Bookkeeping Services Inc. is a member of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada and a voting member of Canadian Federation of Independent Business.  Our records are reliable and accurate as we have a zero tolerance for error policy.  We are compliant with CRA’s (Canada Revenue Agency) rules and regulations.

Our company’s strategy is founded on providing good customer service, resilient execution and marketable pricing.  These three pillars pave the way for our day to day operations allowing us a leading advantage over our competitors in the regional area.  Our customer service has been the strongest marketing tool for our growth.  Through referrals by our clients for the excellent services we provide, we have doubled our clientele base in a short period of time.